Saturday, October 27, 2012


Title: Our Cousin From England
Materials: Pumpkin, knife, spoon, candle

Inspiration: As you might figure, I love Halloween. I'll be out of town on the 31st, however, so in the hope I might have a couple Trick or Treaters over the weekend, I thought I'd bend my knife in homage of my favorite vamp, Barnabas Collins, Frid-style.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 123: Work on Eggshells

Title: Commander Aeihg

Assignment: Work with or be inspired by an eggshell.

Materials: Two eggs, acrylic paint, blue playdoh, hot glue and a bit of dry scrambled egg for the helmet crest.

Inspiration: I started out trying to do an homage to the Doctor Who Sontarans, 

                   but quickly discovered that though the eggs take paint easily, they shatter even more easily.

Decided the only thing to do was create my own alien commander instead.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 122: Create a Musical Instrument

Title: The Devil's Dingle Ball

Assignment: Make a working musical instrument. It doesn't have to look, sound or work like any existing musical instruments.

Materials: A Devil's Claw pod from Tucson, courtesy of my bro-in-law Rick, acrylics, beads, wire and a bit of hot glue.

Inspiration: I've always loved these amazing seed pods - Rick had a bumper crop of them this year and I managed to bring two home on the plane completely intact. I wanted to maintain the primitive mask look of them and thought a single bell would be sufficient to summon any necessary demons.

This is what the dried pods look like naturally:

And here is one afterwards...