Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 87: Candles

Title:  Melt Down
Assignment: What can you do with a candle? Try using the drips from a lit candle to make an image, or use an unlit one to draw. Or as always, feel free to experiment.

Materials: Sculpy, melted wax from two different candles.

Inspiration: Both HOUSE OF WAX and more recently, a great scene in GAME OF THRONES when one of the baddies gets a 'crown' of melted gold - the hard way.

I first made the golfball-sized skull out of Sculpie (SKULLpy! HA! ahem...) fired it, then dripped the wax over it in stages and molded it a bit more into what you see, adding the pupil dots for a little more personality.

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