Thursday, February 9, 2012


Title: Brain Melt
Assignment: Write a haiku about something that happens to you today or is in the news today.           Bonus: Illustrate it.

Materials: a photo of me, PS

Inspiration: I started editing photos from the show in the morning, and found myself in that happy artist dreamland 'lost time' zone. I finally stepped away from the computer and was shocked to find it was 4pm and I was still in my fuzzy slippers.
Here's the original shot.

Here's with a little Liquify, Color and Lens Flare

And then here it is using every single 'Artistic Filter' on PS, with a little more work to emphasize the ghost that appeared. 

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  1. You are keeping good photos of ALL of your daily art aren't you? I went out and got a large 200 page photo album fitting 4x6 prints, and I have been saving prints of each one and slipping them into the book so I can add my assignment, date and notes. You need to start this as well NOW and not 3 months from now :)