Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 80: Dying

Title: Vampirate Flag
Assignment: Try dying. Work with food or fabric dye. you can try traditional tie-dye methods or just paint it on.
Materials: yard of cotton muslin, old mop handle, tie dye, fabric paint, acrylic

Inspiration: I vaguely remember trying to tie-dye along with everyone else in the late 60s and tried a couple different methods here on the flag and two white tshirts. I think the scariest thing about these is what it will do to the rest of my laundry if I ever try washing them.

It was fun to make the logo, and I will 
try flying this in my backyard if I can 
get the right hardware and figure out a 
place where it won't be a hazard to 
passing traffic or low flying aircraft. ;-)

Look out!!

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