Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 85: Work with Words

Title: Flotsamandjetsamonster

Assignment: Make an image with just words or letters. You can cut them from magazines, draw them yourself or print out words on a computer to work with.

Materials: Driftwood and found objects on the tide flats on Camano Island, a bit of PS to help with definition.

Inspiration: I took this assignment a little more literally than intended, I think, re-reading the instructions now after I got home. AH well! I was walking along the beach yesterday and loved the weird sculpted driftwood, and decided to just make the word MONSTER out of what I found. My favorite bit is the part of a jawbone I THINK is from a possum that  I  joined up with a  crabclaw to make the N.

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  1. That's terrific! I like that you took it literally.