Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 115: Kit-o-Matic

Title: Wall crawlers
Assignment: Find or buy a kit of some sort (like a plastic model kit, a craft-making ki, or an electronics kit), get rid of the instructions and make something that's not at all like intended results.
Materials: Creepy Crawler kit, acrylic paints, torn sketch paper, PS for finishing touches.

Inspiration: I knew that Creepy Crawler set I snabbed at Value Village for a couple bucks would coming in handy at some point. I had one of these as a kid and nearly burned down the house with it.

Today I went through a number of failed experiments trying to use the back side of the molds as impressions for a rub-on technique, then as stencils, then to attempting a sort of alien clown face out of the stencil and some of the 'stretch goop',

but finally the colors on the molds themselves, and the reverse 3D effect (like the busts at Disney's Haunted Mansion) caught my eye as being a lot more interesting and I finally composed them as a slightly Oriental triptych. 

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