Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 21: Tinfoil

Title: CrispyCritter Lamp

Assignment: Do something with only tinfoil today. How many different ways can it be used?

Materials: Aluminum foil, a votive candle

Inspiration: Spike wisely left the apartment before I could fashion him an alien space helmet, so I went with Plan B. I wanted to make a shadow lamp, using folded layers of foil to try to strengthen the sides, punched holes, which then became bigger and sloppier so I turned the two largest into eyes.

Created a little candle platform in the base for the candle and a hook out of folded and twisted foil.

It sagged in on itself enough to create a sort of head-like shape, and once lit it took on the creepy look of a burned-up, desiccated corpse. 
I actually like this one the best, even though it doesn't look much like a face. I think the contrasting pattern and the liquid vs rough look of the foil, like hardened metal, is pretty cool. Not the sturdiest of lamps, but it did hold up to hanging from my finger!

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