Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 92: Letter to Myself. Or not.

Assignment: Write a letter to yourself at another time in your life (past or future). Bonus: Send it to someone who is that age and discuss it with them.

I've been out of the 'studio' here for quite a while, unfortunately. Lots of art seen and done in other formats, though. Spent a great week in NYC seeing shows, did some fun traveling with Kris, then got submerged in directing two shows at once. No excuses any more, though, other than the fact that this frickin' ASSIGNMENT #92 kept pissing me off. It seems so UNart-inspiring and a little too personal psycho-therapy cute. So take it as given, I've written a note to myself at age 64. You'll just have to wait ten years to read it.


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