Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14: Microscopic

Title: Snowmoeba

Assignment: Make something microscopic. How small can you work? Can you make something that requires a magnifying glass or microscope to see?

Materials: Snow on Magnifying glass, looking through it into the lights over my kitchen table, taken with my Casio Exlim and modified with good ol PS.

Inspiration: Our first belated snow of the winter. I cheated a tad on this one, used the 'letter' of the assignment more than the specifics. After a few failed attempts at teenytiny art, I  just played around with the magnifying glass and the weird Rorschach images I saw in the melting snowflakes, then tried to emphasize the hands and face that were monsterish.
I do like the Steampunk colors and shapes, but he does look rather like a drowning Pikachu.


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