Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18: What you find in your car

Title: Vladragon

Assignment: Work with the things you find in your car.

Materials: Wine bottle opener, scratch ticket, casino card lanyard, Census glove, wrist band from Mt. St. Helens, screwdriver set from Helen and Chris's Christmas cracker, leather straps from my new gloves, ear jack for my cell phone, Salvation Army thermos and a business card from HerbalLife that was left on my windshield, taped with a bandaid from a box of them that I think Don left in my car.

Inspiration: My car is named Vlad, so only appropriate I create something from his detritus representing the Order of the Dragon.

Extra Credit - Still snowing, still going cabin-crazy...
Entitled: SNOWGRE

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  1. Scary! What a small world! We both came up with the same "thing", how weird is that???