Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 27: Dreamland

Title: But I Don't WANT Any Meatballs.

Assignment: Use a recent dream as inspiration for what you do today.

Materials: Street maps of Chicago, San Francisco and NYC, acrylics, crayon, pen, a picture of a bus driver and one of my friend Anne.

Inspiration: I wish I could remember the exciting, exotic dreams, the ones about flying or vanquishing my foes, but when I'm directing a show I get...stress dreams. Being out of control dreams. Dreams of being lost in a city that doesn't make sense, on the wrong bus that is taking me miles out of my way, unable to get to a phone, or get change for that phone or remember the phone number, or every piece of modern technology I have with me goes on the fritz so I can't get ahold of a friend who I'm supposed to be meeting and time is ticking away. And the bus driver is cheerily insisting he's now taking us over to his house for meatballs.
Ah, the subtle language of dreams - whatever COULD it mean?

Oddly, I had this dream last night after a particularly GOOD rehearsal!

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