Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7: Use a Stencil

Title: Eyescape

Assignment: Use a stencil in your work

Material: Paper, spraypaint, exacto knife and a coat hanger.

Inspiration: For some reason, one of the things I doodle a lot are eyes, and I thought of trying to keep them confined behind wire, but of course being monster eyeballs they are about to escape.
Making the stencil was very tough, but the assignment did make me experiment with using photoshop to create the stencil template. I realize I could have used a premade stencil that I simply downloaded, but I wanted more of a challenge. I originally thought I'd just use the spraypainted images, but the bold red stencil cut out turned out to be more effective. So that is the 'head' monster, leading the escape.

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